Seniors, Boomers, Everybody: How Much More Can We Take?

Sep 9th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This column really depends on your point of view.   If you are of the mind that everything in America, and perhaps the world,  today is going to hell in a handbasket, you already know the answer to this question.  There are enough persons who don’t think through the implications of issues and the conclusions, which affect us all, that it is quite scary to imagine where we might be headed.

Frank Rich who writes for the New York Times, and one of my favorite columnists, shared incisive remarks, as  is his wont, on Sunday a few weeks ago.  He shared that we are in the midst of a cauldron of prejudice and extreme bias, motivated by ignorance, anger and unwillingness to listen or hear. 

Those who stir the cauldron are the witches of our time, seeking to concoct a brew that we will drink until inebriated and impaired beyond the legal limit.  Oh, yes we have the right to get angry, to shout, to scream, even to be obscene and rude.  That right enables us to make fools of ourselves, to trash good manners, to ignore propriety in any form.  

We can do  that.   But at what cost? We prefer to believe that the people we know and love and respect aren’t a part of the body politic who have us all headed to the abyss of the endtimes.  What is in it for any of us to imagine that the self interest of anyone is served by bringing it all to closure?

Our position is that the world is  still being created, pushed. It is evolving, moving all us into a world of ideas, of ideals that will continue to move us into an existence of creativity and wonder and hope and beyondness that we can’t even imagine yet.  What if we are beings teased to test our belief system, to examine our understanding of a universe beyond ourselves, to comprehend an idea of an ever evolving universe which can/will carry us so far beyond our elementary comprehensions that we cannot even grasp the mystery of what comes next?

What if there is so much more yet that our simplistic,  limited understanding of the wholeness of what lies out there beyond us, is so much more than we can ever comprehend? What if God is bigger than fairy tales and myths, simple stories and limited concepts that our faith is simply overwhelmed when we get a slight glimpse of it?

 What if our minuteness, our simplistic grasping of our world, the boundaries which hold us within such limiting confines leaves us so small and afraid that God is embarrassed at our accepting the confines of our frail existence?

What if God is ready to give us permision to move beyond ourselves, so far beyond ourselves, that what lies beyond would so push us and press us to use our imaginations of wonder and mystery to become much larger than we ever imagined we could?

How much more can we take?  As much as is offered.  As much as we may challenge.  As much as life is ready to offer.  As much as the wonders of the universe allows us to behold its unfolding.  There are no limits on our experiencing the full and complete evolving of a universe and a system of continuing and exploding creativity that allows us to understand  there are no limits… The universe  is more mysteriously wonderful every microsecond of time and passage.

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