Seniors: Birthdays at Christmas

Dec 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How it happened, I could have no idea.  However, in my family there are several of us whose birthdays fall during the Christmas and New Year holidays. 

My mother in law on the 29th, my cousin’s on the 28th, another cousin’s on the 2nd of January, a sister’s in law who celebrates the 20th;  her grandchildren (twins) arrived on the 17th and mine is on the 31st of December. 

It is somewhat amazing that we are all clumped like that around the Christmas season.  I have often jested that people need not go all out for me on my birthday, as they do.  It may be that the coincidence of new year’s eve and my birthday has something to do with it. 

Those who experience this coincidence of calendar are inevitably asked “do you ever regret being born so near Christmas.”  the answer I give is emphatically no.  It doubles the gifts and assures the presence of family and friends.  Were I born in the middle of August, I might get no attention at all.

Approaching 71, I find my birthday seems to have less significance than once it did.  It is something taken for granted, enjoyed as an asterisk to the season. Sometimes it gets a little more attention than others.  Sometimes other things, events and celebrations do nudge it out of the way.  I confess to not feeling slighted when my day is forgotten in the midst of all else that is going on.  I would appreciate a silent toast, just as a remembrance, if the thought comes up when giving attention to Auld Lang Syne. After all, birthdays at Christmas are better than none at all.  

Come by tomorrow:  Our topic is, “Resolutions Not Worth Making!”

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