Seniors: Between Now and Then

Dec 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Between Now, early December, and Then, the end of the year, how will you expend those few remaining days of a year that seemed to have just started a short while back?  We will all get caught up in it, doing what we do this time of year to complete not only 2009, but to prepare for 2010.  Wow!  It is mind boggling when the year’s end slips up on us like it does, wiping out all the birthdays and holidays and ordinary days just past.  But here it is…and gone! 

My brother in law gave me a new calendar the other day.  Nice gesture.  I’m already marking stuff for January and am encroaching into the following two or three months.  No wonder it slips by so quickly.  It’s underway before it starts.  Valentine’s Day will be on our minds before the Christmas bills arrive. 

How can we slow it down?  How can we squeeze the sweet juices left in this year, before we begin to pick the fruit of the next?   How can we avoid booking ourselves with too many “must dos”  before we approach the dawn of the first day of the new year?

If you have any ideas how to put the brakes on our cyber universe with hopped up power packs before we even plug them in, please let us know.  Having all the means to get things done quickly doesn’t mean we have to be pressed to do them all yesterday.  Slowing down is an act of giving to yourself.  It allows you to absorb some of the pleasant moments of living before they are past and gone.  Slowing your speed and reducing the pressure invites the chance to get more out of an experience than otherwise may be so while rushing through a perfectly delicious moment. 

As you gear up for these remaining days, turn on some holiday music, the kind that invites you to sing along.  Light some festive candles, the kind that give off a safe aroma. Burn some potpourri, bake some cookies, create a holiday atmosphere.  Sit down over a cup of hot chocolate.  Invite over a neighbor or some close friend. Lean back and reminisce over the days past and take deep breaths before taking on the last remaining days of the year. 

Between now and then, make what’s left of the year the best part of the days you have lived so far and prepare to  open yourselves to a year full of surprises and gifts you can’t now imagine.

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