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Take a Look at Your Attitude

Okay, seniors, the time has come when we need to assess our attitude quotient. If it’s morning, it’s time. Another day introduces us to the necessity of evaluating our perceptions, misconceptions, and reception of our current attitude. It ain’t gonna be easy. It, likely, will end up being a daily, 24/7 proposition. So here goes.

  • Do you allow the state of universal affairs to guide your thinking? ___yes___no____somewhat
  • Are you influenced by the morning’s news and talk shows? If so how would you rate your response: ___negative___positive____neutral____angry___ready to chew nails____or don’t let outside influences affect me.
  • What is your mood when you awake every morning? note here a self description:
  • Do you avoid input that is more negative than positive? ____yes____no. If so, what are your sources: List here:

  • Do you gravitate only to points of view that agree with your own?___yes___no

  • Do you avoid people who have a tendency to disagree with you? ___yes___no

  • Can you have a discussion without it dissolving into an argument? ___yes___no

  • Do you find yourself isolated when in groups who seem to differ with you?__yes__no

  • Do you feel your blood pressure rising when you sense conflict?___yes___no

  • Can you excuse yourself from discussions that you find argumentative?___yes___no

  • When in a conflict situation, can you encourage compromise and resolution?___yes__no

  • Do you find that you have to be in a “win-lose” position? ___yes___no

  • When tempers flare, can you excuse yourself from participating further?__yes__no

Score yourself, based upon an honest, self critical assessment of your own behaviors. You may give yourself the benefit of the doubt, but it may be more to your credit to err on the side of firmness with yourself. If you are really earnest to avoid pessimism, be honest, be self evaluative and allow yourself to be ready to make changes, where it appears that could improve your own attitude.

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