Seniors: Assess Your Mind, Body and Spirit

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There are several unchallenged rules to live by which equip our bodies for living well and productively.  It is the easiest thing in the world to ignore and avoid those rules.  It is the best choice to decide to adopt the disciplines that contribute to good health, favorable conditions for living, adequate and appropriate diet, persistent exercise, and a wholesome frame of mind.  These, after all, are the pieces of equipment that need to be readily kept in good condition.  Check ups will ascertain how well we do.  Shopping habits at the grocery store or farmer’s market will indicate our diet.  Adequate patterns of rest and then exercise will contribute to our day to day vitality.  Looking at these from the perspective of how much better our existence is, will help us keep up the practices of equipping our bodies.

It comes down to a variety of very simple, but poignant questions. Considerations include taking care of yourself, considering the impact your own life and behaviors have on others, living with choices of tranquility make for a better day to day environment for keeping our equipment working smoothly.  When we choose to do those things that have a positive influence on us, we are choosing to make our bodies work better, our equipment to respond more readily to what we really want to do with our time and energy.  When we ignore ourselves, behave as if we can just slide by then we are setting ourselves up for predictable results. 

  • How far did you walk today? 
  • Do you own a bicycle? 
  • Are you a member of a health club? 
  • What is your diet like at breakfast, at noon, at dinner? 
  • How much alcohol do you consume? 
  • How are you stimulating your mind? 
  • What are you doing to guarantee that your equipment stays in harmony? 
  • How is your spirit? 
  • What are you doing to ward off depression? 
  • Are your sleeping habits consistently restful? 
  • What is your attitude among others? 
  • How much quiet time do you allow yourself? 
  • What medications are you taking?
  • Are they making a difference? 
  • Have you had your annual check up this year?  If not, is it scheduled?
  • How is your partner’s health? 
  • What are you doing in relationship that contributes to a good all around result together? 

Just a few questions which may help assess your body”s equipment.  Overlooking any of these issues may find yourself having to face a major overhaul.  Staying current in checking out your body’s equipment will likely deter the possibility of having to face any such major experience. Keep well tuned and check your fluids regularly.

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