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Photo ID Issues for Voter Identification

Are you voting this year?  Is your registration current?  Have you moved, requiring an update of your identification or new address?  Are you aware of the requirements for voting in your changed location?  Will you be sufficiently informed about the personalities and issues to vote intelligently and with appropriate background information?

Voting issues are getting a lot of attention these days, and a good part of the attention deals with senior citizens and their registration status.  If you live in a state that requires a photo identification (ID) to register to vote, and also requires that photo ID at the voting booth, you need to be sure you have that important document. Some seniors do not have a photo ID because they are no longer driving.  Some have never had a photo ID.  But that does NOT mean you cannot get one now.

How to Prove Your Identity

Several years ago, an elderly couple needed to prove their identity for a legal document.  They sought legal advice and discovered they could have an Affidavit of Identity prepared and signed by three persons (with photo IDs) who had known them for decades.  The Affidavit was completed and it served as the means for proving who they were.

Laws differ from state to state, and need to be consulted if one is trying to prove her/his identity for voting purposes. What is important to know is that there are legal avenues to prove one’s identity that can be pursued to obtain a photo ID.  If you are the typical senior citizens with limited funds, there are several options for obtaining free legal advice.  A reliable online resource is  In addition, Legal Aid is a local resource in many communities and may prove helpful in one’s need to verify identity.

Seniors must not give up the right to vote just because they don’t have a photo ID. It is important that all citizens be permitted the right to vote. Voting doesn’t solve all problems, but it gives us a chance to express ourselves, our convictions and our persuasions.  Exercising the right to vote may be the single most important activity in which you participate all year.

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