Seniors and the Classic Retiree

Oct 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Classic is a favored word among us older types.  We were part of that era when cars that would become classics made their first impressions upon us.  Some of us have even read some classic literature as a part of our educational heritage.  Some are collectors of classic art, while still others long for classic apparel , button down shirts, tweed jackets, bow ties and  wingtip  shoes.

Of course classic is more than what is worn or driven, it is also an attitude, a respectful sense of what is valued. Classic includes politeness, consideration, thoughtfulness, refinement, sophistication, courtesy, finesse, style, graciousness, sensitivity, mannerly behavior.  It includes others, but you get the idea.

Being in the presence of classic seniors is an experience which can be likened to meeting a well known stage actor, a philosopher of repute who thinks before speaking, a master chef who knows the ingredients of a gourmet recipe, a connoisseur of fine wine, a scholar of great literature.  Classic is just that unique, unusual, refined.  Rough edges have long ago been smoothed.  Facial expressions demonstrate tranquility, warmth, welcome.  Conversation is never dull, insights are plentiful, shared space when together means no one thing or person dominates.  Consideration is the key to convivial time together.  There is no deceit present.

Being this person or becoming this person represents a task of polishing, discipline, caring, processing, perfecting, tempering one’s persona.   Its rewards are often subtle, but clearly expressed in respectful and reverent ways. 

Clearly not all of us, perhaps few, fall into the perfected image of a classic.  Many continue to resist those habits and characteristics which would deter us from achieving the goal of classic.  Many are simply unique in their own right, which is also a definition of classic.  Coming to the time that you may be experienced and lauded as a classic does not mean rigid conformity in behavior patterns.  It means unfolding in your personality all the gifts that have become yours through years of living and days of being.  So be who you are and that alone will likely elevate you as a classic.

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