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Senior Are Choosing Hybrids

Seniors are finding hybrid automobiles to be increasingly popular with their budgets and use. More and more of them are showing up in driveways, garages, and suburbs, attractive to seniors.  For good reason, since the economy of these vehicles is such that their appeal has practical ramifications.

At our house, we are now in the third vehicle which has typically rewarded us with economy, comfort, and any number of other amenities that seem now to characterize hybrids.  The Prius V is our choice of vehicle and we have now had it for over a month, during which time we filled the gas tank only once at the end of that month.  Confident in the car’s virtues, the dealership had filled it on the day we picked it up.

Prudence is a good word and it describes well the choice many older persons are making in their preference of a vehicle.  Where we live, the Prius is highly popular, frequently encountered, and often the subject of conversation.

What Do Seniors Want in a Vehicle?

Among the questions are is it roomy enough?  Previously we had a Prius, which lacked in two obvious considerations, space and ease of comfort.  Both have been answered and with considerable satisfaction in the Prius V.  Along with economy and adequate space, plus comfort on the road and in the city, there are numerous other amenities which have added to the quality of the vehicle.

Seniors today are less inclined to purchase a car for size and ego appeal, however the Prius V can satisfy both.  One day when loading our hatchback V, we were appropriately interrupted by an older couple who noticed our car.  It is hard to miss, given its lustrous red paint choice.  They were driving a late model, medium-sized vehicle.  They seemed intrigued and fascinated with our Prius V and the answers we gave to their questions.

To us, upon their departure, it felt as if they were disappointed they had not chosen similarly in their automobile purchase.

It is a smart choice, blending the issues of environment, economy, and practicality.  During the life span, so far, of our choices, owning and enjoying first a Camry hybrid, now owned by our son, with an excess of 100k miles, our first Prius and now the V, we have been thoroughly satisfied with their performance, frugality, and service.

We have also participated in the lease program offered by Toyota.

Overall, there have been no negatives with our having chosen to be a part of the Toyota family and we can recommend to younger and older alike exploring your next vehicle with Toyota.

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