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Not Interested in Shopping

If the economy depended on me, it really would be in trouble.  Over the past 15 years I have developed a distaste for shopping. Malls and I share little in common.  Even hardware stores and big box outlets provide minimal temptation.  It isn’t so much that I am boring and find little interest.  I once had a desire at least to check out stores.

For the most part, I think its because, there is so little I find I want or need.  Commercials do not create an insatiable urge for things.  Even those products that are two for one at $19.95, plus shipping and handling, don’t grab me.  Lust for stuff is just no longer there.

Even garage or estate sales carry no temptation.   I don’t even feel the urge to turn in to a driveway anymore, even though there may be hidden treasures lurking there. Once this was a routine, particularly on weekends.  No more.  The romance has dissolved.

Perhaps it is just as well.  Perhaps there comes that time when feeling the urge to shop is replaced with more practical activities.  If I do go into a store or stop for a sale, the first thing my eye searches for is a lounger or a comfortable sofa or chair.  Sitting has become the priority replacing shopping.  A once through and I’m done.  There must be something more important awaiting me at home.

Habits, Needs and Desires Change for Seniors

Economically, there are really good reasons that shopping-itis has dissipated for me and for many seniors.  I had rather keep the money than spend it.  I had rather feel more secure by not having spent than compulsively doing so.  I just think its more comfortable when the check book is tucked away safely than out and searching for something to buy.

Need is no longer the motivation it once was. Been there done that.  Been there had that.  Why, I haven’t bought a tie in years.  I have suits older than the clerks that wait on me in department stores.   There are shoes for every occasion and some I prefer not to wear at all.  Comfort is the byword.  Most things comfortable are older and have accepted the changes in my body.

I just don’t have the desire any more to change as much as I once did.  The pair of slacks I wore yesterday and the shirt, not badly wrinkled, are just right for today. Aging has done some favors to this 70+ gentleman. Life is less hectic and demanding and competitive than it used to be.  I was complimented the other day when a younger woman took my hand and held it a while longer than appropriate.  The difference was I knew I didn’t have to do anything about it.

That’s the way it is with shopping.  Why go into the store, if you know there is not likely anything there you will really care for or need?  My desires and needs have changed.  They are much more mature and less driven by emotion. An old hat, a comfortable pair of shoes, a well fitting pair of slacks, a favorite shirt suit me just fine.

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