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Goals + Determination= Victory

We have watched it all week at the Olympics.  We have seen how dedicated determination takes one from goal to achievement.  We have witnessed the sheer will to win and to come out on the other side with determined victory. It is a lesson for us all.

Those of us who are older now and whose health has begun to discourage us need the lesson of the Olympians, no matter their age.  The point is not age, the point is in dedicated determination.  The will to overcome, to succeed, to push the limits as far as they need be and can be pushed.  Giving up is not an option.  Deciding and doing are disciplines of one who knows that demonstrating to oneself and to others that you can do it is.

Healthy Senior Living

Pushing yourself to do more and relishing the accomplishment is a good way to keep healthy in your senior years.  It may be tough, such undertakings always are, but do it anyway.  The fulfillment of showing yourself that you can is a goal worthy of your own dedicated determination.

We all admire older persons who continue to excel past 90.  Can we do it too?  Can we choose to be full of stamina, motivated by the will to do as much as we can push our bodies to do?  Can we show ourselves that just because the calendar says one thing, we can be another?   There is really only one way to find out.  Determine to be out there.  Show others that aging is a number not a state of mind or being.   Demonstrate to yourself and hold up to others that you can.   The mirror of life is a reflection of who you are and that helps you be what you can be.

So take those supplements and eat well.  Exercise regularly.  Meditate on the positives.  Keep your body keen and your mind sharp.  It is your last chance to be more than you thought you could.  Take it and be dedicated and determined to an outcome that gives you reason to be.

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