Seniors: Achieving Satisfaction at Our Age

Nov 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Once in a while it feels really good to feel successful at having done something well. Once in a while comes a remarkable moment when we achieve a goal, reach a pinnacle, overcome an obstacle that we never thought we could. It is not unlike our pre-adolescent days when we hit our first home run, scored our first goal, enjoyed our first report card loaded with all A’s and B’s. Once in a while achieving satisfaction is just about the best feeling one can enjoy.

We go about doing it by having expectations of ourselves. We achieve when we put something almost out of reach and reach it. We arrive when we discover that in spite of our age and limitations, we can push ourselves anyway. It just feels enormously satisfying to realize that our capabilities can still be tested. It is just gratifying to feel the joy of succeeding, of beating the odds, of standing and reaching when we didn’t know or think we could.

Too many of our brothers and sisters are satisfied to drop quarters in the slots to see if they can win more than they lose. What challenge is there in that? How does that test our mettle? How does that engage our abilities? From where, other than our pocket book, do we draw what is needed to win at such?
If you walk a mile a day, can you do two? If your exercises consume a half hour, can you do more? If your goal is to read three books a month can you try for four? If you have never played tennis, why not? If you would love to cycle your way around a two mile stretch, and then three, when if not now? If you always wanted to play a musical instrument, what is stopping you? If you saw someone you would really like to meet and to know, why not take the risk? If you wanted to try your hand at golf, but dreaded the failure, how can you muster the courage? If you believe you can master roller blades, why not try? If your mind seems to be dimming, what will light it up?

Achieving satisfaction at our age requires attacking the possibilities. It means having a set of determinations out in front of you. It requires jumping into the pool. Get ready, set, go! Part of the reason aging is such a drag is we put too many of our dreams and expectations and hopes and desires away in boxes. Its time we dug them out. Lay them before you. Make a choice. Find someone to share with you.

I have a set of electric trains that have set idle for years. Its time they were brought out and dusted off and made to bring joy and pleasure to myself and others. What’s doing with that archery set you bought so long ago? Why is all that fishing equipment serving only as decorative pieces? What about those shotguns that haven’t been fired since your father died? Instead of expecting tomorrow to be boring and repetitive, why not make it new and different and exciting and fun?

Who says that our age determines what we can’t do? Why is it we give in and give up so early? Isn’t it still okay to take on challenges, to think outside the box, to look for stimulation anywhere? Try it. Maybe the satisfaction is just locked in a trunk or packed in a box, waiting to offer satisfaction.

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