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Anxiety About the Future

Seniors are anxious about now.  Even though what awaits, we are told, has no intentions of directly affecting those of us who are currently classified as seniors.  Hard to tell.  It seems what we are told one week morphs into something else suddenly and inexplicably.  Whatever is expedient politically takes over as the topic du jour.  Anxiety and distrust, as a result, are predictable in the world of seniors.

What’s coming, whether Isaac or the R’s convention, may stir up more than anybody would desire.  Well… at least for anyone who thinks through issues and realizes consequences of outcomes.  This is an unsettling time.  Just like the forecasts off the Florida coast, what’s coming may pack a punch making life miserable for those in the eye of the storm.  Those affected by public policy may have less to look forward to in their expectations and politically influenced directions than being in a storm of natural causes.

It is not a pretty time.  There have been moments like this, we are told, in American history.  The difference is we weren’t a part of them.  Now, we are in the very middle of it all.  We and our families and close friends and those we like to think of as “good people” are about to be caught up in a fever and fervor that seems mean and demeaning.

Defining the Issues

Issues we thought had been long settled have risen to the top, with good reason, and now bubble over in the heat of emotionally driven ideology.  Is this where we lie down for a cause?  Is this where our nation chooses to go while the rest of the world wallows in the despair of hunger and hate?  Is this what we will spend our time watching, next week, when the rest of the world longs for an America that once cared for others?

Next week may be one that will make a difference.  But it may be a difference that divides us further.  It may be a difference that does not lead,  does not offer hope, does not create an espirit de corps, does not emulate the best in a country that has always sought the best.

If a difference is to be made, it will be because honest, caring Americans will have decided not to be taken in by those whose motives aren’t true to the American ideals of equality and justice. This week and next approaching Democratic convention offer two occasions when the weeks that were may offer the weeks that will be.

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