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Welcoming Them Home

One of the satisfactions of aging is welcoming the kids home for a visit or a short stay. Their coming always represents a sacrifice for them.  Making arrangements at work, taking care of details while they are away and slipping in the expenses related to the trip.  Their message is “we want and need to see you.”  And, of course, we are always delighted, excited and pleased with their choice.

Reunions do not have to be big occasions, marked by special dates.  They can be simple, occurring over a few days.  They can be intimate, special and marked only by that peculiar need to be together as family.  There is such a unique and remarkable sensation about their coming home.  Preparations, no matter how much or few, are done to add to the sense of welcome.  Meals, going out for dinner,  talking relaxing walks, talking over life’s involvements and experiences, just being together consume the time too quickly.  Before you have covered all the subjects, touched on all the family news, heard their plans and dreams, it is time to say good bye.  Too soon.  Too quickly.  The question hangs in the air: “When can you come back?”

Whatever has been enjoyed and savored together has been of a unique and unforgettable quality.  Memories play tricks on us.  While we are making them and enjoying them, we are also storing them up for future pleasure.  We relish in their hopes and anticipations.  We celebrate their latest adventures.  We share in the promise of their next undertaking and success.

Savor the Moments with Our Kids

In these days when so many of our kids have to come home for an indefinite stay because of a loss of a job or the inability to identify one, it is a great pleasure to have them come home just so we can all be together. They are learning, by now, how utterly precious such an occasion is.  They are discovering what a treasure it is for them to be home, to share their time, to forgo other opportunities, to turn down other obligations.  They are willing just to be with us, to center their attentions on us for a time.

When the “holiday” is over and they must return to their work-a-day routine, we will have been nurtured, enriched, made to feel important, loved.  They will have drawn from their experience whatever it is they identify.  They will depart with their own set of collected recollections.  They will have been affirmed and reinforced in their awareness of how utterly precious they are to us.

The message we hope they take with them:  “Come again and soon and often.”  You have made our world feel richer, more beautiful, more serene.

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