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The Disintegrating Political Campaigns

Before the curtain falls on Act 1 of the political drama through which we are still passing, can we possibly hope for Act 11, in which there may be some decency afforded by the producers, the actors, the audiences?

Must we continue to be flooded with obscenities, poorly written scripts, incompetent performers, little applause for exceptional productions?  Can there not be a few critics to emerge with accolades for what we are offered coming from the stages on which these actors (politicians) perform?

Is it too much to ask that decency prevail?  Is it too much to expect that ideals prevail over threats and fear tactics?  Is it too much to expect that statesman (woman)-like characters may emerge worthy of an Oscar or better a Medal of Honor?

Can we not expect that genuinely thoughtful consideration be given to statements before they are made?  Can we discard and discredit those who are prone to draw upon the profane instead of the profound?  Is there no room for etiquette in politics? Isn’t it politic to consider the feelings of others before reducing them to insults and assaults?

Politicians Engaging in Playground Behavior

The bickering, name-calling and denigrating comments remind one of playground drama among elementary school children.  When they cannot seem to relate with a genuine quest for forming better understanding and relationships, their behavior deteriorates to finger-pointing and name-calling. It borders on disgusting when viewed on the nightly news, day after day after day.

Certainly, before Act 111 arrives in early November, we will have been introduced to our better natures, our more noble selves.

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