Seniors: A List of Six Musts

Jun 16th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Something nudged me the other day to begin thinking seriously about stuff I need to get done. This is not just stuff, certainly not ordinary stuff, but big stuff, the kind of things that might haunt you in the night, or stir you to dream of it, or rise up as bothersome when you are attending to something else.

This is the kind of stuff easily put off, maybe even forced into the forget it category. But, for some strange reason, it slips back into your thinking and aggravates the otherwise solemn day you had been having. “Damn,” you say, “go away.” And it does, at least for a little while.

Then, without provocation or intent there it is again, slipping back in, insisting, not asking, for its place in your thoughts and agendas. Why must I be bothered, I wonder. But I am. Back there in the recesses there is something telling me that this is a matter that must be taken care of. “Why,” again I inquire, “won’t it just go away.”

It has been in and out of my contemplations over how many years now? Don’t have a clue. But it sure keeps coming back. It is to the point that I am left with the no other choice but to do something about it. So, here I am today, finally, prepared to take on those well procrastinated must do’s that I simply wanted to wish away.

Must#1: I simply must be in touch with all those persons who are older than me who have been so dear to my life. I will either call them, communicate with them electronically, or, if they are in close proximity, arrange for a visit.

Must#2: For those persons that I openly and admittedly offended years ago, I must, before the clock strikes,arrange for a means to apologize, sincerely, earnestly and definitely. They must know that I need to let that go and they must be aware how it has bothered me.

Must#3: If there is or seems to be bad blood between myself and another family member, I must find a way to “bury the hatchet.” Whatever it takes, both numbers 2 and 3 must not follow me to the grave.

Must#4: Before I lose my ability to elucidate clearly and communicate with sensitivity, I want to be sure I let everyone in my family know how much I admire, respect and appreciate them and with what great affection I hold them.

Must#5: I must accept the challenge to allow myself to be open to new experiences outside my comfort zone. (suggestion by granddaughter).

Must#6: I must demonstrate to my spouse devotion and commitment to our relationship for so long as we may live.

Your list may differ somewhat but it is worth considering doing it. Find some way to hold yourself accountable, so completing your list of musts will be done.

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