Seniority is a Product of Aging; Aging is a Result of Grace

Sep 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

When we listen to our bodies, as we age, we hear some strange and unfamiliar sounds.  Those sounds are both real, as in the creaking of our bones, and surreal as in the voices that tell us what life has taught.  Aging is, without question, the most life challenging experience of all.  It is bound up in what we have been, who we are, how we perceive ourselves, how we see the world, how we accommodate change. 

Seniority is a product of aging.  It may mean we have earned certain respect.  It also may reveal how little we have listened to life as we age.  Age, whatever the number, is a continuum.  It is, however, not a repetition of the same patterns from decade to decade.  Look at the photographs of yourself over several years. The changes are dramatically obvious. At first the changes are more subtle, less remarkable.  As time proceeds, the invasion of age shows its itself.  For some it is more dramatic than others.  Age takes on different dynamics and forms and features. 

Real aging, as you begin to see more clearly the beauty of the sunset, is a product of grace.  Demonstrating what you have learned through how you live is an indication that your life has continued on a path that allows for enriching growth. Repeating the past may be both good and bad.  It is good, when that repetition is of behaviors that are optimistic, positive, uplifting, a gift of insights that others may find helpful. It is bad, when the repetition is a series of negative behaviors, offering nothing to yourself and giving nothing to others.

Aging is when we have learned to give and care less to receive.  It is the mellowing of a personality.  Facial features portray goodness and kindness and genuineness.  Words are spoken more softly and chosen more carefully.  Every day is a chance to offer the richness of wisdom and experience and learning to someone else. 

Grace is likely the best  quality we can exhibit.  It is also the most generous gift we can offer.  The ability to share the gift of patience and listening and caring comes as we discover that what we need most is the opportunity to be generous in our caring for others.  To give to someone else the magnanimous gift of grace means that we have caught on to what it means to do more than just hang around from day to day.  We have discovered the secret, the magic, the wonder of life. 

Live it well.  Live it full.  Live it gracefully.

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  1. No one can avoid getting old. But aging with a graceful attitude is really nice and healthy.

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