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Give Up Bad Habits

As we age, we discover some of the things that might have been foregone earlier on.  And, we would likely be better off for it.  An example:  smoking.  Some of our brothers and sisters still insist upon it, staining their fingers, coloring their teeth, shaking the room with a cough.  At the time it seemed harmful enough; but now the damage is clear.

Apart from the very bad signal that it sends about yourself and the dilatory effects it has on health and body, smoking is one of the most insidious of the bad things that many refuse to surrender.

There are others.  But, at the top of most lists comes this one.  It really isn’t a sacrifice at all.  The sacrifice comes in giving up your body to it.  Giving up the bad stuff is one of the choices we can make that gives back to us. We will be more respected, appreciated and enjoyed by others.  Any family member who tolerates our smoking does so only because they know it is likely useless to engage in the battle.

Create New Self Respect

If there is one thing you can do at this point in your life which will create a new respect for you by others, it is giving up very bad habits.  It means that you want to be around for a while longer.  It means that you have made a choice to be a different person, not easy as we grow older.  It means that you do find it important how others see and feel about you.

Giving up the bad stuff requires deciding what really is bad for you.  It also means that you will have the will and determination to take on the task of doing away with behaviors and annoyances that have long plagued you.

Maybe it is a tic, a habit of biting your nails, any number of unconscious behaviors that you have engaged in almost forever. Petty, irritating, unattractive, these behaviors are easy ways for doing a do-over once surrendered.

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