It’s Time to Review Your Medications

Dec 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Most prescription suppliers keep very accurate and current records.  At year end, in prepartion for your next physical, this offers a good opportunity to do an inventory of what is in your record.  It offers a chance to ask questions and to evaluate whether there are generic replacements which may also offer significant financial savings.  You may also discover that there are some drugs that may be removed from your regimen.

This also presents a good opportunity to determine whether your vitamin regimen is working and is appropriate. Many of us flush too many vitamins through our system, thus canceling out their value and usefulness. By the way, speaking of “flushing,” do not flush your prescribed medication, either outdated or no longer being taken, down the toilet. There is considerable evidence that this may be negatively affecting our drinking water.

The easy solution for many physicians these days for all our aches, pains and complaints seems to be prescribing some kind of medication. There are useful questions to be asked, which may head off the need for a prescription.

The first question: What are the side affects?

The second question: How long will I be on this medication?

The third question: Is there an alternative treatment? How about over the counter substitutes? Is there a generic substitute that will cost less?

The fourth question: Will this drug interact with others I am taking?

The fifth question: If there is no sign of improvement in a certain period of time, what are my options?

Some physicians may be impatient with such interrogation. If so, it may be time to look for a second opinion or a different physician altogether. The institution of medicine has changed, like so much else. There is no reason to give authority of your body over completely to one human being. The rule is: Ask questions, do your own research, seek out information through other health professionals. You may be entirely pleased and satisfied with your physician, however stay in charge!

Most physicians have your self interest in mind. They are usually very personable and well informed. They deserve our respect. And, we deserve their being thorough, patient and possessed of a “good bedside manner.”

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