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Presidential Headaches

No matter the accolades and honors and “respect for the office” that comes with being the President, being President has its downside and difficulties. Caught on the horns of dilemma, frankly being President right now does not look all that appealing.

The tension to do or not to do looms large as the President is confronted with an enormously troubling choice.  The Syrian conflict has, once again, landed on the steps of the White House.  Most Americans seem to be in opposition to the possibility of a reactive stance to Syria’s alleged use of poisonous gas. It is a classic “between a rock and a hard place” situation.

The weight of a momentous decision which will likely have major implications for international consequences is no minor matter. The horror of any disaster, whether natural or human inspired, can be fraught with long term results.

Weigh Issues Carefully

This is no patriotic moment.  This is a challenge to our sensitivity to weigh carefully what those results may be.  America has been struggling with too many interventions which question whether our nation has any justification for initiating more warring behavior.

Spanking another nation on the wrist for their internal difficulties begs the question of whether it is our role to teach that nation a lesson.

It seems to me that America has quite enough on its plate and sufficient serious issues to address, without our rushing to judge another nation’s choices.  While that nation’s choices are reprehensible, our own choices need to be examined with great care before rushing into battle.

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