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Personal and Exhausting Experience

The worst part of the move is over.  Lifting heavy boxes, going through item by item, placing them in drawers, closets, on shelves and sundry other locations allows now to forget them until the next time.

What next time?  If my influence and power in this household have any impact at all it will come down on the side of never moving again.  Twice in fifteen years is quite enough and at any age the choice to move would require a psychiatric examination before launching into such an escapade.  Moving is an exactingly exhausting experience for senior citizens. It dominates you until you are beaten down by the sheer magnitude of it all.  It comes at you until you can take no more.   It weighs on you.  It beats you up with its demand to get it done.

Surely there will be some ultimate satisfaction allowing for pure pleasure when everything has been put in its place and the evening news comes on and you are settled into your favorite new chair.  My dear wife tells me we aren’t far from that.  My aching bones tell me we had better be.

New Life and Living Emerge

Yesterday, some of you likely discovered, I was so absorbed in the move that I completely blanked writing my daily article. When completely taken over by  the move, it is time to speed the process and get on with some kind of normal living.

It is time to start the discovery process of living in a new and different place, of carving out a plan for making this new adventure really fit into a life pattern that offers enjoyment and pleasure and satisfaction.

Like everything else this part of the process will pass and the new offerings of participating in life will emerge.  A whole new level will soon take hold.  The bruises and aches will subside, the short temper will be replaced.  The joy of showing off the new house will replace the agony of having gotten here.

Keeping life in perspective, even in the midst of a move, is still the challenge seniors face no matter what life throws at you.

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