Senior Citizen Depression Explained

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Depression in Elders

Taking care of our health from a young age is vital in order to ensure that we can enjoy our lives as we get older. Ensuring that we eat well and exercise regularly can contribute to a healthy body and mind in later years.

While it is important to look after our bodies, it is unavoidable that we will struggle to function as efficiently when we reach our elderly years, in comparison with when we were in our twenties. However, in some instances certain illnesses may be overlooked due to an acceptance that they are a regular factor in the aging process. This is not always the case.

This infographic from Home Care Plus aims to increase awareness on depression in older adults by informing on some of the statistics and facts surrounding the illness. Primarily, the infographic is focused on educating people on the fact that depression is not part of the aging process, as well as offering suggestions for care-givers, family members and sufferers on how to cope and treat the illness.

Guest Article by Home Care Plus

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