Senior Behaviors: Avoiding Illness and Accidents, the Scourge of Aging

Sep 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Illness and disability are two frightening threats of aging.  Avoiding infections, doing all possible to prevent falling ,watching out for contributors to accidents and keeping healthy with diet and exercise are daily patterns wise to the senior’s behavior.

When met with someone who is carrying cold germs, avoid them, politely, but avoid them.  When unsure of certain public settings, try to protect yourself, know where the rails are for assisting walking and taking steps, if you must.  Be on the lookout for entry rugs beyond doors which may be askew and could trip you up.  Observe, breaks and cracks in sidewalks, when walking, even if you are using a walker.  Be quick to notice other assistive help, hold on to doors, other people, obvious supports to avoid a surprise fall. 

While it is good to walk with routine regularity, do so with someone aware of your route.  Do not get in a situation where you could fall or be compromised.  Always, have someone alert as to your whereabouts.  If your condition merits having a warning device that you wear, be sure to get one. 

In restaurants, watch for unpredictable step ups and downs.  Where lighting is dim, have a hostess or other person guide you.  Make no assumptions about your ability or your safety.  Think ahead.  Stop before taking steps you are unsure of.  Look out for persons who may dash in front of you, potentially knocking you down.  Do not take unnecessary steps with an assistive device or person. 

These are warning signs for accidents.  Illness, of course, carries a whole different set of dynamics.  Avoiding crowds during flu season, being sure you have had your shots, having a regimen of vitamins that you take daily to help keep your immune system high, being careful to wash your hands regularly, sitting away from people with evidence of possible infections, these are alerts necessary to maintain health and comfort. 

Aging simply requires that some of the things previously taken for granted must be on our list for careful and prudent behavior.  It will keep you healthy and fit and avoid others being put in a compromising  situation as well.

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