Senior Alert: Older and Wiser

Aug 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

 “You aren’t getting older, you are just growing wiser!”  When you heard it, did you really believe it or just shrug it off as another polite cliche?  Cliches often replace honesty and genuine compliments.  That is why they are cliches.  They fall trippingly off the tongue, much like a lie.   Most of them usually are.  If not a lie, then at least an indifferent remark in the category of “how are you?”  When you ask, do you really care?  When someone asks you, do they?”

Older and Wiser are attributes available to all who have passed the stage of whatever older means.  In a delightful email exchange with a dear friend of more than 35 years, I had complained about passing the 70 mark.  Her retort was wonderful.  She said, a mutual friend when reaching 60, absolutely refused to be 60.  So she wasn’t and isn’t.  She then went on to declare that I needed to be whipped into shape by people who have known me.  She hit the point exactly,  “You,” she said,” have never been a number.  You are Jerry.  Be Jerry.”

What wisdom flows from those whose inspiration remains a beacon in our darker days.  Older equals wiser, but wiser does not necessarily equal older. Wise insights, helpful guidance, steady counsel, genuine caring all come at the hand and from the mind who, for themselves and with others, have wrestled through some of the laborious stuff and come out on the other side with wisdom.

Thanks, Carol.  There are many Carols in our lives who, when pressed or invited share the benefits of their own reckoning with life.  A wife, a mother with 3 grown children, a teacher, a long time friend.  You make your list and apply it to someone who is and would be there for you.  How does that picture look?  And, more, what is your picture like when prevailed upon to be there for someone else to volunteer your wisdom. 

If I am or ever will be older and wiser, I would like to have a hint that it comes off okay to someone else.  I won’t need any rewards, I just need to know that I am beginning to get it.  I need to know that when someone says “you aren’t getting  older, you are just getting wiser,” that they really mean it and it really applies.

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