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Change, Change and More Change

Abnormal is the new normal.  Especially for seniors.  There are so many plates that are shifting in our perception, experience and understanding of the world, culture, economics, politics, discoveries, upheavals and major cataclysmic events.  Denial is one of the features of current adaptation.  It doesn’t work, but it is still regularly employed.

The world is no longer your grandfather’s world, or for that matter your father’s.  It isn’t even ours.  Understanding, grasping, accommodating the vast and somewhat overwhelming changes is a day to day function dedicated to our reading, listening, trying to filter just what is happening in the world in which we now reside.

The teachers of my middle school era, (it wasn’t called that then), would be overwhelmed.  They are all gone now.  They did their best to prepare us to have some of the tools necessary to deal with what was ahead.  Little did they or we know!  I still run across friends and colleagues, used here advisedly, who hold on tenaciously to the world of 50 and more years ago.   They wish for that glorious and fantasy filled time.  It shifted right under us.  What happened to our innocence?  Where went our naive perceptions?  How did the values of a time, just following the Second World War, disappear so abruptly?  It ain’t your father’s Oldsmobile.  Why, there isn’t even an Oldsmobile anymore!

Anything we seem to want (?) or need what is available at the quick impulse of driving to the local mall.  Anything we require (?) can be found in any variety of specialty shops which stock only a narrow segment of the shopper’s market.  Storage units and sheds abound for stocking, or has that become hoarding?   Its a hurry up, find it and get it before your neighbor does, world.  Waste and trash are now on the New York Stock Exchange.  Time was when “saving things” meant “we might need it some day.”  That day is gone.  We buy, save and then wonder where it is or why we kept it so long.

The Search for Stability

If you can get a product to last as long as its alleged warranty, you have beat the system.  It isn’t supposed to work that way. Becoming obsolete is the goal for most everything. We must keep the globalization production machine going.  Meanwhile, those who are expected to help keep it going, by way of purchasing, are unemployed.  An enigma which has become a puzzle.  A puzzle which has become a bottomless pit.

How do we climb out of this pit?  Or can we?  This is a slice of time when our reflections compel us to do more than shout invectives and wave placards and curse the television.  It is a time for studied and thoughtful review of where we have come and what we must do to see that we can do better, offer a more sane world, participate in a body politic that allows for sane reason to prevail.

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