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Thanks To Our Great Readers!

With your stopping to read this column, you will have participated in our moving toward a quarter of a million hits on SCJ. For a small, somewhat unsophisticated, but narrowly defined website, we have welcomed almost that many seniors and others coming to visit us.

Your coming on a frequent basis keeps our numbers climbing.  When you recommend us to others, you have opened the door to others who find our articles helpful.  When you return, from day to day, you have created loyalty, which we cherish.  We hope that we can continue finding topics and ideas that appeal to your needs as a senior. We will do our best to find and reveal travel tips, health information, Medicare issues, aging concerns, tips for use of your money, real estate information, and other topics of general and specific pertinence.

Of course, the daily, Senior Moments article, will continue to come up every day but Saturday.  Just For Sunday, with its eclectic approach, will also continue as a regular column.  The various other articles which deal with matters of almost universal senior concern will fill our pages as well.

We’re All In This Together

We will continue to be dedicated to those concerns that affect your daily life. Like you, we are seniors.  What we write about is what we are interested in and concerned for in living out our senior years. We try to identify what speaks to seniors and appeals to their (our) interest.

We try to avoid controversy.  We do not endorse products or politicians.  Once in a while a book or other helpful piece comes to our attention that we try to give some exposure.  We are pretty much “middle of the road.”  We hope we gain respect, trust, and reliability with our approach.  Since we don’t get many (any) scolding letters, we assume we are accomplishing our intentions of staying within appropriate boundaries.

We cannot, of course, appeal to or please everyone.  But, we hope that we do stir your curiosity and invite your interest with what we attempt to present here.  You are always welcome and we are very grateful for your continuing support.


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