Retirement: The Time to Have Fun!

Mar 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Retirement opens doors for Baby Boomers, and Seniors more advanced in years, that were kept closed during the working years.  Many of us simply didn’t have time for fun.  Or we thought we didn’t have time.  Or perhaps, we just didn’t make time.  Whatever the scenario, when faced with replacing a 40 hour work week with leisure time, we’d do well to have a game plan.

It’s always a little distressing to hear new retirees complain, “I don’t have anything to do now that I’m retired!”  Although it’s a little late to be facing that issue, it’s not too late.  A big part of the life of retirees is answering the question, “What will I do for fun?  How will I now define recreation in my life?”  A healthy agenda for Baby Boomers needs to include activities for the sole purpose of having fun.  Why?  With brain endorphins popping daily, the body and mind stay healthier and disease and illness get headed off at the pass!  Fun and laughter replace boredom and inactivity. 

However, let’s be clear.  What is recreation to one is boredom to another.  Each individual must define what is fun for him/herself.  Some enjoy brisk activity such as tennis, volleyball or racquetball.  Others would prefer less aerobic approaches, such as golf or Bocce.  For others, and especially those managing physical limitations, recreation may include board or card games; bingo is a popular activity in recreation centers and assisted living/nursing home facilities.  The individual must decide what feels like fun to him or her, whether it is solitary or group activity.  Determining what is fun depends on who is doing the defining! 

So the focus needs to be on insuring that recreation is an integral part of daily living for each of us.  Younger Baby Boomers are more likely to find physical activity the best choice.  Older more geriatric seniors will find pleasure in being entertained with song or dance or similar experiences.  It’s not so important what we choose as entertainment and recreation, but that we choose to keep fun in our lives!

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