Retirement and Revolving Doors

Aug 28th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Retirement is a revolving door. No sooner does one have “everything in place,” than something comes along to interrupt the flow. Frankly that isn’t new nor surprising. That is a definition of life. Expecting total tranquility, hoping to avoid crises and change, harboring illusions about the golden years leaves one ill equipped to be ready for that door to slap you in the face.

So how does one get ready for the revolving door. Here are some clues:

>Serendipity is magical and it is what makes children so fascinating and curious. Adopt the credo of serendipity. Be ready for nothing….be ready for everything.

>Closing doors doesn’t mean you must lock them. Keep your options open with friends and
adventures, accept invitations, explore trails never travelled. Look under rocks.

>If spending too much time in an easy chair, put it in a room you don’t frequent. Permit yourself to be up and about, take a walk, stop to look around you, stay in touch with the outer world, which is good exercise for your inner soul.

>Hold hands with your spouse or a friend. Feel the warmth and pulse of another. It will remind you how precious every minute is.

>Look for friends in unusual places.

>Continue your membership in the human race, one of the greatest clubs in the world.

>Don’t forget to groom your spirit every morning, as you groom your body for the day.

>Be comfortable deciding to take a nap.

>Say a greeting to everyone you meet. It may be the only one some people hear that day.

>Smile and Laugh every chance you get. Some people may think you odd, but let them worry about that.

When the time came for my dear aunt to live in a Care Facility, I asked her what she planned to do every day. Her reply, “Well I think I will probably sleep a lot and love everybody.”

Let’s choose Winston Churchill’s counsel: “Never Give Up!” “Never Give Up!”

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