Retirement: A Good Time to Discover What You Don’t Need

Feb 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The economic downturn isn’t the only reason that the list of former necessities has been radically altered.

What once was a “must have” has no appeal any longer. The desire to stroll through a mall, just to browse and be tempted is a much less frequent exercise. Seeing things and wanting them with a passion has about dropped off the scale. Is this a post 70 phenomenon?

There were times shopping was a favorite past time. No more. Just having the stamina to walk thorough some of these Big Box stores is exercise that can be enjoyed in other ways.

Discovering what I don’t need is a refreshing new experience. Not having so much discretionary money to buy them prompts the situation to be sure. But, just discovering the stuff unnecessary to comfortable living really puts you in charge.

Part of the discovery comes when trying to determine usefulness, where will the item be placed, how long will it be “something I couldn’t live without,” if I find I don’t need it, what will I do with it?

This is a rather good check list for deciding whether to buy or not. This is an appropriate methodology for men who wander into hardware stores and women into shoe shops.

Ego remains important to most, no matter the age. But buying stuff to impress others is a weakness not a strength of ego.

Deciding what I don’t need means having a pretty good idea what I do need. Making trips of discovery, just to browse, is a substitute for better hobbies. Making trips to get a specific item, required for a specific reason, is a noteworthy exception.

Think carefully about the difference between needs and wants. Today offers a new opportunity to develop the discipline of prudence and overcome prodigal behavior.
Your life will be less cluttered, your time can be better spent, your resources more wisely invested.

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