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Realities of Senior Living

Some of the hopes and dreams of having passed 70 are now coming face to face with some of the realities and abnormalities of our time.  This was to have been the time when the focus shifted from caring for others and meeting the needs and demands of daily survival as prompted by familial obligations and “making a living.”  It was supposed to have been an occasion when some of the long held dreams for retirement would begin coming together. What happened?  Where and how and why did the signals start sending confusing information?

It happened when and as the social and cultural rules began to change. It happened when the old guidelines for choosing a profession or occupation shifted.  It happened when the kids went off to school, but couldn’t nail down a responsible and productive job after graduation.  It happened when income no longer kept up with expenses.  It happened when owning a home was threatened and losing one’s place actually happened.  It happened when lay offs became the order of the day.  It happened when parents started living longer and resources weren’t quite stretching to meet all that that implied.

It happens everyday when one more institution on which we have depended disappoints us.  It happens when we review our financial underpinnings and discover some fissures and cracks we weren’t expecting.  It happens when prices continue to rise and ability to pay plummets.  It happens when filling every tank of gas, visiting the grocery store, looking at medical costs.

Financial Restructuring for Senior Citizens

The only thing left seems to be to try to reassemble the puzzle, find a way to put together the pieces that will fit and work for us.  It feels as if everything we counted on has to be discounted and recounted and accounted for in new ways.  This isn’t the way we thought things would turn out.  But this is where it is and how it is and we must adjust to all it implies.

So, now for all the lessons in flexibility and resilience that we have had over the years, the results of that now require we move into a mode to restructure, to meet the radical changes, to try to accommodate the upheavals that are really the new paradigm. It may not be what we wanted to do, but it is increasingly likely that it is what we must do to survive, to make it to the next stage, to win over losing.

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