Respect for Elderly is a National Issue

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Caring for the Elderly

Presidential candidates are coming out of the woodwork now in preparation for the upcoming year of determining who will be the next President of the United States. All of the campaigns will address issues facing senior citizens in one way or another. Social Security and Medicare are at the top of the list of those issues.

Other concerns include financial security, medical care, and the place of seniors in a culture. Related to the latter, a recent Facebook post by the Bernie Sanders for President Campaign caught our eye. It is a quote by Pope Francis, our international catholic church leader and a man who seems to have his hand on the pulse of morality around the world.

The Pope is saying, and the Sanders Campaign for President seems to be agreeing, that any civilization that does not care for and respect its elders will not survive. In the Pope’s words, “A society that does not care for its elderly has no future.” After all, it really is a moral issue, isn’t it?

Actions are Relevant

Presidential candidates can (and will) talk about their concern for and love of senior citizens. They will say all the right words
in an attempt to convince us of their sincerity. And we seniors will know where they truly stand on issues that affect our daily lives by their actions. By what they actually do regarding policy and legislation related to senior citizens.

It behooves us to listen carefully and watch for actions, behavior, deeds… the things that really count when we’re talking about national policy regarding seniors. Public policy supporting programs that will enhance and expand Social Security, for example, are critical to our collective future. We must listen carefully to what presidential candidates are saying, and we must review their past behavior related to policy and legislation on behalf of seniors. In this case, past behavior can be a predictor of future action. will be watching. And listening carefully. And reporting accurately… looking beyond the flower-ly language of candidates running for office, to the actions, the deeds that truly define a person.

Dr. Sharon Shaw Elrod

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