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Celebrate Memories

Most come to this time of the year prepared to spend time with family, creating and recreating memories and traditions. Not a bad purpose for a holiday.  Part of the bond of the holidays is what we come to honor in our interrelationships, mostly with family, occasionally  with friends, always with those who mean much to us.

It is like the blood flowing through our veins.  Our memories help keep alive the joy of being together, telling stories, sharing sentiments, embracing and celebrating our common lives. It is timely because, in many cases, it has been a long time since being together.  Life’s episodes have been frequent and attention to other details constant.  So, now comes the time for reunion, for affirmation, for pumping oneself up to spend time with those whom we love.

It is not just that we have to do this or must do this, it is that our inner person requires it.  Being together brings about the recollections of other days, older times, happy recollections, sensitive emotions.  Those are the motives for our finding our way to the company of others.

Memories, Gifts and Traditions

Gift sharing is part of the ritual.  Huge banquet style meals are laid out before us.  Festive holiday decorations surround us. But what we enjoy most is telling and retelling yesterday’s stories.  And, while we are at it we discover new tales that help to keep us bonded.  We are a people of memory, of satisfying moments when life seems almost to stand still and a Kodachrome shot is taken of our thoughts and merriment.

Holidays, whatever tradition they observe, are good things.  They allow us to be freed from the tenacity of daily duty.  They give us the freedom to laugh with  full merriment.  We are permitted to be as young as we want to be, as old as we need to be, as present to the moment as our emotions encourage us to be.

Remembering is the foundation stone of the holidays for most.  It is that time when the myths of Santa come alive in very real ways.  It is that time when words become treasures and music its expression.  It is that time when familiar melodies are sung and happiness abounds and salutations are genuine.  It is a generous time when sharing is the rule and giving is the expectation.  It is when all who have been prone to apathy decide to let the spirit of the season in.

As you and yours come together this season, prepare for it to be a time for remembering, an exercise in the sheer bliss and joy of pleasure.

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