Recommended Mini Vacations for Seniors

Jul 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Wherever you live, there are abundant short term choices for mini vacations.  From where you live in almost any direction within 200 miles there are all kinds of adventures beckoning for your attention. 

Train trips by Amtrak can occupy less than a week, flights, at reduced rates, expiring this weekend, but frequently repeated can whisk you almost anywhere and back at a reasonable cost.  Pack light, plan ahead, choose a hotel deal and your adventure will be a breather you deserve. 

In Arizona and New Mexico there are driving trips which take you into all sorts of enchantment.  One, discovered not long ago near Tucson, is Kartchner Caverns, a pristine cave full of magnificent visual wonders.  Plan a 2 or 3 day trip to take in Tombstone, Bisbee and other surrounding quaint southwestern villages.

Over in New Mexico the Silver City area abounds with invitations for a holiday.  Trek on up to Santa Fe, where the sights and wonders of a genuinely southwestern city will hold you in its spell. 

Further west, if you are a Californian, you already are aware of all the scenic wonders.  If you travel here by RV, car or other transportation a week will be stuffed with wonders from south in San Diego to north in the Wine Country, and all in between.  

The Northwest has its own charm.  An Amtrak train will take you from Emeryville in northern California up to Vancouver, Washington.  Normally, this would be a great time to make the trek, but there has been an unusual hot spell in and around Seattle and envirions. Of course the romance and seduction of San Francisco always speaks for itself.

Before school starts the north central areas are always inviting, full of national parks and their magic, usually such a trip requires either RV or automobile travel.  If you are into camping out, check on availability of location and permits necessary to stay overnight in state or nationally run parks.

How about a quick flight to the midwest?  Chicago is so full of fun, beginning with the Field Museum, and its many curiousities, along with a side trip to  Springfield, the original home of Abraham Lincoln, whose 200th birthday we celebrate this year.   Locals in the midwest are surrounded with short term sights.  Wisconsin and the House on the Rock, Iowa and its beautiful agricultural landscape, Indiana, the home of the Auburn and Cord automobiles. If you haven’t been  to Omaha lately, and it is in near proximity, the Henry Doorly Zoo and its cosmopolitan Riverfront are just part of what awaits.

The east coast is a veritable paradise of invitational wonders for the enjoyment of seniors and, if possible, grand children alike.  Historical sites proliferate the east coast.  Assuming, unless you are hosting younger children, that places like Disney World holds little appeal, there are plentiful options for an adult oriented trip. 

If you reside near cities there are numeous cultural events, concerts, plays and other matinee and evening spectaculars to be enjoyed.  If you live where there are numerous B&B’s, plan a 3 day holiday around your accomodations and local site seeing.  If you are an antique buff, look for weekend auctions, but be sure you have a way to get your treasures back home. 

If you love genealogy, search out cemeteries in areas where your own ancestors may have settled.  If you are an ornithologist, locate bird watching areas.  If you like car races or motocross, many towns and cities offer weekend venues.  If you like fresh fruits and vegetables, go to surrounding rural areas whose crops are in. 

Nothing to do, you say!  Well the options are limitless.  All the states and their and their temptations are not convered here, but you know what is likely available in your general vicinity.  There is more than enough to occupy several mini vacations a year. Search them out, have fun, and plan for future excursions.  it will give you peace of mind and serenity unbounded.

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