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Seniors Choose Happiness

My spouse, Sharon, inquired of me the other morning, “What are you going to be happy about today?” To which I replied “Everything.”  Not a bad question. Not an inappropriate answer.  Every single day offers the opportunity to be confronted with this query. Every time it is asked there should be a ready answer waiting.

If one chooses to deal authentically with the answer, the likelihood is that the day’s contents will be full of satisfying experiences.

A Litany for Positive Living

Here are some of the reasons, in the face of all else confronting our day to day travels, that life is and can be good:

Today is Tuesday.  It is open to your exploiting it in the best ways possible.  Use your energy and creativity well.  This day won’t come around again.

Today is the day when you can adopt the poet, Edgar A. Guest’s attitude: “I have to live with myself and so, I want to be fit for myself to know.”

Today offers the opportunity to encounter every minute with enthusiasm, excitement, resolve, readiness and a happy frame of mind.  No doldrums allowed.

Today invites you to identify some way you can participate in random acts of kindness.

Today presents you with being able to do some thing you have always wanted to do, but never got around to it.  Today you will.

Today is the day you may reconcile with someone with whom you have had a difference.  There  is no reason to carry emotional junk around any longer.

Today you may communicate with a long ago friend, letting them know you are thinking of them today.

Let nothing cloud your day.  Let nothing interfere with your being and sharing happiness.  Let this day be the first of a string of days in which you go about intentionally being happy.

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