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Senior Healthy Living

In this upside down world, where chaos and disagreement seem to rule, here’s some advice from seniors who have lived through it all, survived and are determined to get the best out of what’s left: “Go fishing first, worry later.”

Real seniors don’t allow the frustrations, distractions, irritations, divisions, distortions and limitations of life ruin what is left for us in having a productive, healthy, uncompromising appreciation for living out our lives and drawing satisfaction from every day.

It just isn’t worth our being side tracked into the many issues and non issues which would detour us from productive living.  Those who would recruit us for their innumerable causes, particularly and especially those who espouse hate, divisiveness, distrust, discord aren’t welcome in our dwelling of peace.

Share Senior Friendships

Invite a companion to go fishing with you.  Talk about the good things, truthful things, honest things, the beauty of nature, the love of family, genuine friends, lasting memories. Maybe that companion will be a son or daughter, a favorite uncle or nephew, an aging pal who doesn’t get out much anymore.

Let the time focus on just being together, enjoying the luxury of the surroundings, the emphasis on the trivialities of the ordinary.  Find in this moment, this experience how valuable sincere friendship can really be. Let the emphasis fall on nothing in particular, just everything for which there is a reason and a season.  Let there be quiet, serenity, the tranquility of being in your own private universe for a little while.

Of course, such occasions don’t have to be limited to fishing, however there aren’t many pastimes that offer the advantages for such a retreat as does fishing.  The mistakes you make while fishing aren’t as serious as golfing.  The quiet seems, like the stream, to run deeper.  The opportunity for reflection encourages more.  Fishing is like being at the 19th hole for the whole of the game.

Discouraging, disallowing, diminishing worry are all worthy goals and exercises in coming to a more wholesome frame of mind.

It is possible that, as we age, we might put off fishing first, but doing so will be at our own peril.  Turn peril into a pearl.  Allow this part of life to be the most treasured of all.

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