Questions and Concerns Affecting Seniors

Feb 17th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We get a plethora of questions regarding concerns of seniors.  They range in a list from health issues to death, from travel to recipes, from insurance to rip offs.  For the most part, we usually get around to answering the lion’s share of them.   Presently on the SCJournal’s page is an article on Glaucoma.  That’s pretty serious stuff, even in a time when treatments are available to cope with it. 

Somebody asked the other day about funerals.  We have addressed that one more than once, dealing with the variety of available options. Being prepared for death, another of our topics, continues to get a lot of traffic.  Denial is an attitude about death that we attempt to discourage.  It’s coming and it is prudent to be ready for it.  More family discord is often created over having refused to sort out the issues than not.  Recently, this issue was addressed for a 94 year old man and his 84 year old spouse.  They walked through the specifics with maturity and good judgment, no break downs, no “can we talk about that later.” 

Of course, there are other issues right up there with motality and death.  Many persons want to know about the advantages, disadvantages and hidden frustrations with assisted living facilities.  This is an issue that needs to be examined long before it may be required.  If it is likely that the one or ones who will be affected by the choices need to be a part of the lead off discussion.  Many such conversations melt into “well there is no need to discuss that, because you are living with us.”  This often turns out to be an empty promise.  Better to have explored options and have them on the table than to have stuck collective heads in the ground.

When should Mom or Dad quit driving?  This one comes up accompanied by fear and trembling. There is no more threatening subject to one’s independence than this one.  But, face it seniors must.  A good while back, we addressed this under the heading, “Let Me know when you Choose to be on the Road.”  The isssue is complex, because it not only deals with your own elderly family members, but also with the safety of others.

Living alone is another of those concerns which happens when one or the other spouse dies.  This is met with issues having to do with safety, e.g.  cooking in the kitchen, fallling in the tub, having a stroke when alone, etc.  Depending on the age and the condition of the loved one, there are methods for being prepared for the scary possibilities that may occur.

Should I remarry?  This is  a big one.  Particularly when matters of estates, living arrangement changes, and other very practical issues are introduced.  Don’t get mushy romantic before having dealt with the practicalities and the realties of marriage.  It may look like it is “just the thing.”  It may also be a cliff hanger for one or the other or both. 

The list likely is long and arduous for many seniors.  Keep asking and we will keep trying to come up with some insights that offer ability to think through those matters affecting us as we age.

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