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When one has reached the post 70 years, finding that so much is happening in the world over which there seems to be little one can do to change the face of things, pursuing peace is a well considered option.

Excuse the long paragraph, but getting at almost anything these days takes considered clarification. Pursuing peace is no small undertaking, even if it involves only you and your immediate circumstances.

Living in a community of mostly retired folk, I have found that almost everyone I encounter has a whole series of desires worth uncovering.  The difficulty is getting past the complaints and negative influences that surface in the search for peace.

In the immediate moment, we are surrounded by the heavy load of a world at the precipice of war. It consumes our attention.  It overwhelms our equally troubling concerns.  It nudges out all the other dynamics of life and living.  Attempting to ignore it may work for a while, but then it rears its ugly head again for the latest Breaking News.

How does one muster the energy and courage, the reason and hope for sane results at such a time?

How does one push to the forefront calm assurances that assist our having peace of mind and tranquility in our pursuit of such?

Putting aside some of the invasive attacks on our spirit is no easy task.  Beleaguered with so many forces that would lay open our spirits to attack, it is a struggle to meet the next onslaught.  Or even to attempt to lay it aside.  One of the methods for heading off the scourge of  what may be full of discouragement is to ignore it.  How ludicrous, you say?  How is that possible in the face of so much that is at work to defeat us?

Creating Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Surround yourself with a peaceful presence evoked by calm, pleasant music, invigorating poetry, the strength of words coming from others who resist such interference.  Identify persons who would join you in your effort to exalt peace.  Head off disdain, refuse welcome to any who are so intent upon promoting those efforts to pull you down.

It is no small assignment to continue to pursue peace.  It is so tempting to be inundated by fear and the prospect of being met with those who work so hard at reinforcing evil.

It is a mark of character, a sign of integrity,  evidence that we are able to muster the strength to stand against the forces that would pull us down, to pursue peace in the face of all the efforts to draw us into the fight.


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