Prostate Cancer: One Year Later

Nov 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One year later. For those familiar with the story, a radical prostatectomy headed off cancer for me one year ago. Some bio background: Age 68 at time of surgery; Biopsy: Positive; Gleason Scale 9; prescribed action: immediate and total removal of the prostate.

Outcome: One year later there is limited incontinence. No erections. In fact, little to no sexual desire. Some energy issues. Some limits on strength and stamina. Overall, the best news is that there is no sign of cancer. PSA consistently comes in non-detectable.

Changes in routine: Some, but returning to normalcy with passing of each month.

Medications: megestrol which is for reducing hot flashes. No other medications prescribed.

Attitude: Good and positive.

Suggestions to those facing prostate cancer: deal with it. Choose an experienced physician, oncologist, urologist, with whom you are comfortable working. Proceed with dispatch. Don’t assume anything. Be ready for life style changes. Be ready to live longer.

Thanksgiving ’08: Enormous gratitude for having come this far. Accolades to my urologist and those who supported, assisted him in bringing me this far.

I am thankful to be looking at the earth standing up instead of lying down.

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