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Seniors Mark Milestones

Reminders of dear friends of the past come our way frequently. Often they take the form of a notice of the passing of one from whom we have not heard in sometime.  In this case it was the announcement of the death of a colleague’s wife.  Her condition: Alzheimers.  Faithful, loving and devoted, her husband watched over her during these long, sad years. Unfortunately time and demands allowed us to lose touch.  The sadness is multiplied when you know a friend is in the throes of such a moment.

Another friend of mine celebrated his birthday last week.  Because of the wonder of the Internet, we were able to be in touch.  He received my greetings and quickly acknowledged them. That’s the way it can be in this technologically magic time.

Friendships Important for Seniors

Preserving friendships is an experience available to most these days.  Getting around to it, keeping at it are the tasks we must give ourselves to.   Finding someone we have not heard from, let alone remembered, in a long time is a rich reward.  Occasional messages now are possible.  Opportunities to keep up with the goings on of long ago friends can be done with the click of a button, the maneuvering of a mouse.  How remarkable!

Within the time it takes to turn on a light switch, we can identify someone whose acquaintance we can also renew. Keeping contact information current is about all that is required.

Finding persons who, like ourselves, enjoy the pleasure of memory and enabling it with frequency can be deeply satisfying.

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