Preparing for Senior Fall and Winter Travel

Aug 12th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It is not yet too late, but rapidly becoming so, to plan for any fall and winter travel excursions you may have in mind.  Already, the airline fares are increasing (Thanksgiving, of course has no bargains) and warmer climates will begin raising their rates.  However, because of the decline in traffic to many vacation spots, it is timely to explore options which may offer  significant bargains.   The Caribbean is an excellent choice, post hurricane season.  They ordinarily offer very inviting accommodations.  With business down this is a good time to search out all kinds of tempting trips that give you extras for little additional costs. There is no immediate suggestion that prices are returning to previous high season rates.

Check not only with online services but deal directly with hotels, airlines, etc. to bargain for and likely get the best rates available.  Drive for a bargain, stay in control, have a good idea what their bottom line will likely be.  They have to make a profit, but they had rather have your business than an empty room or seat on the plane.

Dress appropriately and avoid checking bags.  Limit yourself to one correct sized piece of luggage.  Additional luggage fees on most airlines, accepting Southwest and Jet Blue, will ring up a  larger bill for your travel costs. Today’s traveler is required to do homework, make meticulous preparations, be prepared to do some negotiating in order to end up with the best deal.  Be aware, however, that some agencies may direct you to accommodations not too desirable.  Watch out that you don’t work so hard for the bottom line that you end up sleeping on the beach by the hotel instead of in the hotel.

Allow yourself the discipline not to do a lot of shopping while on your trip.  Doing so will have you checking more baggage on your return trip or require shipping it back home.  In any event, buying souvenirs only adds to the work of dusting and displaying that you really don’t need any more.

Of course, be sure your Passport is in order. Check for restrictions re landing in any country today which pertain to quarantine or domestic disturbances.  Nothing can ruin a holiday more than being in the middle of a shoot-em-up style movie, which isn’t being filmed.  If choosing cruises, be aware of the rather frequent reports of illnesses, disappearances, labor and other issues which may impede the anticipated pleasure of your trip.  Have confidence in the cruise line you choose.

When you are comfortable with your research, your choices, your accommodations then go for it.   There are some things that can’t be guaranteed.  However, if you are putting down a sizable sum for your journey, look at Travel Insurance as another option. What is beyond our control allows us to impose as much protection for ourselves as we can!

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