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Seniors Tempted to Join the Crowd

The temptation for senior citizens is to join the crowd, to take the low road, to be a part of the aroused great unwashed. That’s the temptation.  It is not a difficult thing to be a part of the low road crowd.  It is easy to join in the rumors, perpetuate the false charges, listen to the cries of bigotry.

The challenge in this time and every time our values are put to the test is to stay on the high road.  It is a mark of character to be able to “take the road less taken.”  It is a sign of integrity to forego the temptation to be led astray by the mean and the small.

Staying on the high road calls for our having the courage of conviction.  It means that we don’t give in and give up to pettiness.  It means we keep our eyes open and our hearts in tune and in time with the good of the world.   Even when it feels there isn’t much left, clinging to the high road will forever be a credit to our sense of worth, our commitment to good.

Being led down the circuitous road of name calling,  spreading lies and innuendo and rumor, participating in manipulative politics marks us as an easy target.  The crowd picks up the beat and soon reason is beaten down.

Staying on the High Road means the choices we make are inspired by our having seen the dark side and choosing instead to stay in the light.

Stay on the High Road

The next few months will be a time when every time a politician speaks, every time a debate occurs, every issue that is raised we will need to be at the ready.  We will need to be equipped to sort out the stuff of truth from the stuff of lies.  We will need to see through the attempts to overwhelm  with contrived allegations.

America is better than this political season would suggest.  It is a time for men and women to listen with keen minds and respond with sharp understanding so that we can stay on the high road. Sinking to the low road is easy.  It is no small task to believe any charge hurled or any mud slung.  It is difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.  It is a time for sorting and finding what there really is to those who would be our leaders that stand for the good and the true.  No following the tune of those whose self interest is the only thing that seems to motivate them.  No taking the word of those whose drive is to achieve power and wealth and to overlook those who have neither.  No easy answers.  No quick fixes.  No being led by the nose.

Take the high road.  Stay on it.  Be one who knows where he/she is and be proud of it.

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