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Gentleness Easy for Seniors

It shouldn’t be a complicated thing to define and create a goal of being gentle in life’s actions and interactions as we age.  Preferred behavior for seniors, having been through as much as we have by social security age, should be a fairly achievable accomplishment.

Mellow, serene, gentle behavior all are contributors to better health, less anxiety, more peaceful and tranquil life experiences.  These are the elements of discovering how to live out a life in which the reward for defining such behaviors leads to  a healthier lifestyle.

How you choose to define these behaviors, to manifest them in your day to day living, is a personal choice. Such choice requires determining just what it is that contributes most to gentleness. Gauging your level of being able to stay in control of  behaviors that lend themselves to maintaining a gentle disposition means your blood pressure won’t spike.  It means your actions and interactions with others will stay on a steady course.  It means that you won’t allow minor and episodic experiences of being upset.  It means that you will be pleasant to be around.  It means that you will stay in charge of emotions instead of allowing your emotions to take over your behavior.

Frustrations are easy to allow visitation rights in your body and spirit.  Keeping in charge of warding off frustrations which lend themselves to troublesome emotional outbursts is a take charge behavior all of us need to cultivate.  When the scale of our frustration level seems to be on the rise, then, right then is the moment to take control. Anger, frustration, anxiety, reactionary responses all stir up chemical reactions in us that are unhealthy and debilitating.

Find Your Way to Gentleness

A worthy goal, as we age, is to find the means by which gentleness is the preferred behavior choice.  Finding ways to keep a serenity about us is one way to invite the presence of others who will contribute, by their behavior, to more gentleness in our lives.

When arising in the morning the choice is ours. Choose gentleness to guide our behavioral patterns, our actions, our interactions.   Keep gentleness at the forefront of our day’s definition of who we are and how we behave. We will be better for it.


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