Points to Ponder in the Aftermath

Nov 6th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Dappled sunlight hits the ground through limbs almost naked of their leaves. A fat squirrel scurries across the leaf covered lawn, just outside my window. And the elections are over! This is the dawning of “what happens next” in a democracy faced with despair, but under girded now by hope.

Some ask, where is the hope? Some have already begun their protests and harsh criticisms of the outcome of Tuesday’s outcome. Some are prepared to be the “thorn in the side” of a nation and a system which is looking to recover from a long and frightening nightmare.

No one is misled into believing that one man in one four year term can or will repair all the damage done in the last eight years.

However, I believe there are some things expected of us over the next four years. Here they are:

#Decide to give the benefit of the doubt, without canceling your right to disagree, with the Party in power.

#Decide, for a change, to be optimistic and not knee jerk cynical.

#Decide to be better informed. Give up following the likes of the professional critics (i.e. Limbaugh, et al) who make their living skewering others. Evaluate the real meaning of “fair and balanced.”

# Prepare your answer for those who will be quick to point out the weaknesses and failures of an Obama administration, even before it begins.

# Replay the scenes, worldwide, which demonstrated the millions of people who drew hope from the new direction America has chosen to take.

#As some of us have had to do during the past eight years, decide to bite your tongue before putting down or discrediting the ideas and actions which will greet us after January 20.

#Read history. Look at the greats who have occupied the office of President. Draw from history, clarification of solid accomplishments that have taken place under the most unlikely of leaders.

#For those with children, remember your example and behavior will contribute to the attitude of those children.

#Encourage your elected representatives to be bipartisan in their negotiations.

Resolve to look at the new year differently. Leave the baggage of the past in the past. Travel light, preserve your credentials of credibility, play fair, but keep playing.

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