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Political Realities, Once Again

If you are well read and somewhat thoroughly informed this election season,  then there is much for you to take on. If you are a senior of more than average political intelligence, then you will be in your mettle over the next three months and more.  If you are disgusted with the chicanery of current day politics to the point you want to make your point, then sharpen your pencil.  You are in a world of great plenty when it comes to the targets to be had, the issues to take on, the bad guys to take down.

They just keep getting more and more audacious and thus inviting more and more inspection.  They make claims that cannot be verified.  They choose issues that will contribute to ruin.  They are full of it and you know what that is.

Confront Faulty Information

So get ready to take them on.  Get ready to write editorials to your local paper.  Join in petitions on the Internet.  Watch Facebook religiously.  Follow the polling trends.  Shoot down the bad guys by asking for back up for their positions.   They won’t like that.   Insist upon information regarding their funding, their backers, their supporters.  Question their biography.  They seem to have no trouble challenging others.  Inquire as to their background, their finances, their history, their reputation.

Undo their carefully laid plans that never take into account the needs of the poor, the middle class, and the under and unemployed. Push them to take stands on real issues, not the artificial distractions that so often get the front page.

Make up your mind to be a thorn in the side of politicians whose main goal is to be a thorn in ours.

There are plenty of targets out there.  Choose the one’s you think deserving of examination and give them a thorough one.

Best of luck.  There is here only our democracy at stake.


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