Plant More Turnips!

Apr 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Well, we are on the downside to 2009! Tax deadline is past and most have made some arrangements to take care of that bill. Easter is behind us and spring is struggling to make its way through soil and limb. Maybe most of the Christmas bills have been met. The first quarter of a new administration is beginning to show us signs of what may be ahead. Both on the domestic and international fronts, some good news, like the tiny buds rearing their heads above the earth, begin to be evident.

The year is certainly not half over. There are graduations and weddings galore in the next few months. Considerations are being made for vacation time, if any, this year. The economic news still seems and feels mostly bad. As for our share in boosting the economy, the turnip has just been about squeezed for its all. If there is any more to come from the turnip, it might just have to be from next year’s crop.

Glimmers of optimism break through here and there. The retreat of pessimism on the part of some is welcomed. The movement of the darker clouds further away from us gives some hope. The traditional nay sayers are still saying nay and the world still revolves on its axis.

So maybe it is still early enough where you live to plant more turnips. Maybe the season can be stretched, the crop multiplied. Maybe the turnip is our spring time “ground hog.” Maybe the turnip will grant us green thumb satisfaction. What was barren may bear fruit, or turnips! What was being mowed down may now flourish with growth. What was a plot of unproductive soil is now a neighborhood garden that will yield a plenty.

So, tomorrow, or even yet today, get out and Plant More Turnips.

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