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Senior Friendships

My cousin, a cancer survivor of three years now, called this morning.  He launched in by inquiring about my health.  Persons who dare to approach those of us who are older and battling various weaknesses, do so with courage and at their own risk.

Fact is, most of us who are experiencing a variety of woes need the consolation of a sensitive ear.  His voice always invites willingness to listen.  His sensitivity, having gone through his own struggles, always resounds with empathy and thoughtfulness.  His is one of those calls that matter most.

Truth is, the more we encounter the perils of aging, the more we need to be surrounded, in caring ways, by those who know us best, who love us most, who care about us every time we are in touch.

The report need not be extensive, but just thorough enough to indicate the current bumps in the road, the discouragements that seem a little too frequent, the persistence of malady versus good health.

Compassion Meets Compassion

From the other side comes gentleness, an in-touchness with life’s disruptions, an awareness, on both ends that it is good to be together.  There is a miracle when compassion meets compassion. There is a fulfilling of heart’s best moments, when each shares life with the other.  Just a phone call.  We exchange them with some regularity.  We are aware how rich the occasions are, how we are left with a sense of calm and peace and genuineness.  However brief the talk may be, the shared contact leaves us both feeling encouraged and uplifted.  That’s what happens to those who have a longstanding love and commitment to one another.

These are the times that bind us more closely and the moments that matter most.

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