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Senior Friendships

Selecting senior friends is best enabled by a process of judicious selection.  Just look for those people who evoke admiration in you toward and about them.  That makes the choosing easy and productive. Persons to admire include:

Those for whom self respect is an essential and primary behavior model.

Those who show unqualified interest in you and your life situation.

Those whose sense of humor is evident and frequent.

Those who are generous in their attitude and who demonstrate that generosity daily.

Those whose personality is motivated by a constant sense of integrity.

Those who refuse to get caught up in movements or causes that are demeaning to others.

Those who check their judgments before making them.

Those who are confident in their own belief systems.

Those who show courtesy to others in all situations.

Those who do not interrupt others when in conversations.

Those who find joy in life.

Those who do not criticize others.

Those who are particularly patient with the elderly, small children, anyone who is impaired.

Choosing these qualities as guiding principles in your value system and behavioral response will drive people to you.

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