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Voting is Critical

In less than three weeks now, most of us seniors will have participated in a huge historic event. First of all, it is no small matter to take the initiative to vote.  In most democratic countries of the world this is a privilege and obligation that falls on its citizenry.  To take it seriously means one has some understanding of the role and place of politics.  It further means that having a world view that includes single individuals has unusual significance.

For all the attempts to negatively influence its outcome, this election stands as singularly critical in the historic roll call of national events.  We will be about deciding what direction this country will take, what economic philosophy will be affirmed, what political persuasion will be given the most influence.

This is a Very Big Deal

These are no small matters.  This is no minor moment.  It will have major consequences and affect human beings worldwide.  It will draw on the past and predict the future.  It will be full of contentious and conflicting ideas.  It will not end on election day.  The contest over what America will look like, be and become will be acted out in numerous and huge ways. Such sacred things as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and other entitlements will be on the block.  Women will be in the forefront of issues which affect and impinge on their daily lives.   Youth will be affected, all the way up to college, with differing arguments regarding their education.  Economic management and debt reduction will play a heavy role.  We will be looking at our nation’s most basic fundamentals.

Whether the nation will make it through all of this and emerge with its integrity intact will largely depend on the collective intelligence and initiative of the electorate. You and I.  We have a great deal to do with outcome, decisions, spirit and integrity of this election.  It is no small task or moment.  It is ours to evaluate and step up to the plate.  It is ours to be ready to articulate, with capable and clear insight, just how our country should look as we move ahead.

So, now, if you haven’t put the final mark on your ballot, prepare yourself to do so, absentee or in person.  Realize that mark is the mark of an American citizen “dedicated to the proposition that all are created equal, ” and all pursue “life, liberty and happiness’  AND THIS  ACT OF VOTING is one way we go about achieving that.

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