Other Than Faint, What Would I Do?

Mar 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Because of an internet source called Sitemeter, I keep track of who visits this senior citizen blog. It is very helpful, down to letting me know on a world map what city you are in proximity to. (ooops another one of those prepositions.) Now, I would like to offer you a proposition.

For those who are regular visitors you are the reason I keep writing. Beyond that, my ego allows me to think that there may be something useful in these daily columns, excluding weekends.

It is certainly more than a hobby. It is a means of exercising my joy at putting something on the printed page. It is more than just venting, my wife accuses me of that often enough. It is not just because my opinion on anything is superior or excellent or even worth reading. But what a wonderful instrument it is to allow those as audacious as some of us to make our presence known, here on the Internet. Millions will never know about Senior Moments. Maybe not even thousands, but those who take the time and trouble to pick up a rock and find us here, may find something worthwhile.

If you do, and this is the point of the title: “Other than Faint, what would I do?” I would be extremely pleased if feedback came from your having dropped in. While I can almost pinpoint where you live, by city at least, knowing your opinion about some of what is said here would be additionally encouraging.

There is a wonderful story about a new minister who arrived at his new charge. He preached the first sermon, with zeal and great preparation.

At the end of the sermon, when greeting persons as they departed, he was finally met with an older, somewhat crochety, octogenarian. He approached the minister, shook his hand, and declared “that’s the worst sermon I ever heard.” “You should go back to seminary and learn how to preach.”

Crestfallen, the minister received the next person in line, a gracious lady, said, “Oh, reverend, don’t listen to him, he only repeats whatever other people say.”

This author would greet warmly whatever you have to say. Come my way, through whatever avenue you like and let me know what you think, what you like to hear about, from my point of view.

When I recover from fainting, I will send you a personal reply.

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