One of the Best Cures

May 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There is in our home an elixir that seems to cure almost anything that could attack you. It has come in sundry forms over the years. 33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm; tapes, now cds. Each one is filled with medicants of voice and instrument which lift the soul and spirit almost as soon as the sound makes its way to your ears.The spectrum of variety and uplifting music is as varied as one’s taste.
It just lifts and propels and moves and sends you into an ecstasy of pleasure, delight, romance, memory and nostalgia.

We are about to launch on another trip, which will consume another couple of days confined to the automobile. But, confined we will not be. We will take along a whole stack of cds, some recorded books, lots of music, maybe even a few dvds, only for the passenger. The highlight, however, will be the collection of music that help make the miles rush by. We catch ourselves singing along with the vocalist. Or humming that familiar tune. It will compel memories of other times, places and dreams. It is always full of the satisfaction that comes from the talent and peculiar capability of the particular artist to whom we are listening.

Make no apology for your particular taste in music or entertainer. While I have never been a fan of heavy metal or to the other extreme Lawrence Welk, your taste and pleasure is what gives satisfaction and contentment. Listen to the music, absorb the beat, consume the gift of someone who has the secret gift of giving you a means for escape. It isn’t always easy to find such doors which open to such wonders.

My stack which will carry us for some 1200 miles will renew our friendships with a variety of talents and melodies. It won’t allow us to be idle or bored,

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