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Checklist for Making Final Preparations

Get ready, for it is coming.  Tomorrow, for all its tempting possibilities, imposes some need for preparation before it arrives.  Yesterday is too late.  Today is the moment for anticipating and preparing. Tomorrow is when it happens.

Therefore, today’s possibilities offer the moment for getting on board before tomorrow arrives.

A few considerations worthy of putting in your “to do” box for tomorrow.

Have you prepared a Power of Attorney in the event of its need?

Are you willing to have a DNR order (Do Not Resuscitate) available in the event of its need?

Have you thoroughly addressed all of your legal issues, will, trust, and other necessary documents?

Are necessary instructions prepared and in a place where they are safe and can be found?

Have necessary conversations been conducted with family members clarifying your desires and needs, in the event of death?

Is your financial portfolio such that someone has been designated to supervise its distribution?

Are there any unusual requests that you may have?

Do you and your partner have a clear understanding of each others wishes?

In the event that most of these have been addressed, or if some are now being decided, be sure the appropriate persons are away of any additions or changes.

There is nothing more unsettling at the time of need to have loose ends that create conflict and family disruption.

Be ready for tomorrow.

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